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Greetings Folks,

At the moment, we're in the process of planning a few new workshops, yet have not selected any dates so far. However, there are a number of workshops we've created that can be held anywhere with enough lead time. Examples of these include, "Sacred Mysteries of the Medicine Wheel: Symbolic Journey of Self-discovery, with Patrick Price and Kristi Cowles, M.A., based on the book Icons of the Mythic Self: Journey Into the Realm of Personal Symbols, co-authored by Patrick and Kristi, where participants create their own deck of personal icon cards. Another very popular workshop held many times via Singing Wolf Center is, "Journey Into the Creative Soul of Women." with Nancy Hill, L.C.S.W. and Kristi Cowles, M.A. Nancy and Kristi taught this workshop in WI as well as in Ridgeway, Colorado. If your interests tend toward the American Indian Medicine Wheel, Patrick Price, pipe carrier for the Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) Tribe, has taught various forms of The Wheel many times at Singing Wolf. It would be incredible to bring him out to Oregon to teach. These weekend workshops have been taught many times, and all of us would need a minimum of eight people, paid in advance, in order to teach them again. Kristi has a few favorite workshops she's taught in the past, entitled, "The Five Gifts," "Mustering Up the Courage," and "Women, Walk Your Talk." The first two are just one day events, the last, a weekend workshop.

On the "Past Presenters" page, you will find samples of events hosted by Singing Wolf Center since 1990. We remain honored that these presenters have graced our stage, so to speak, our memories -- sweet and beautiful. Some names you might recognize are as follows: John Broomfield and Jo Imlay (now residing in New Zealand), John Travis and Meryn Calander (authors of "Wellness for Helping Professionals") -- now residing in Australia, Ed McGaa (author of many books, including "Rainbow Tribe" and Native American Wisdom"), Myron Eshowsky, Christina Baldwin, Z. Budapest, Selena Fox, Herb Stevenson, Michael and Justine Toms (New Dimensions Radio, and authors of "True Work"), Nancy Hill, Raj Alwa, Jim Ehmke, Helen Bond, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Christina Baldwin, and Judyth Weaver -- to name just a few. Some of their workshop descriptions are also visible on the above page.

We invite you to explore www.onemorewolfsings.com, as there is lots to view, including our mission statement. Also, Kristi Cowles, the musician, has four music CDs, which are always for sale (see the music page for titles and descriptions). We accept Visa/MC, by the way.

On that note -- may you thrive and find peace wherever you go, may you walk gently upon this fragile planet of ours, and may you follow your heart, listen to your intuition, honor your physical body, and integrate your mind equally with the other three . . .

Kristi Cowles

  Kristi Cowles
3269 Humbug Creek Road
Applegate OR 97530
email: onewolfsings@gmail.com