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Singing Wolf Center was founded in 1990 by cultural pioneer, Kristi Cowles. Since that time, we have hosted hundreds of cultural change workshops featuring erudite educators who consistently lead powerful, experiential seminars. Singing Wolf remains rooted in deep ecological principles, hence sustainability and peace making are as always present in everything we choose to do. Moving from a dominator culture to a partnership or compassionate culture is without question, one of our primary visions. Therefore, the art of healing ourselves, our relationships, communities, countries, and our fragile planet are very present in all activities, from past to present.

During the seventeen years in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Singing Wolf Center offered workshops focusing on subjects such as creativity, shamanism, personal mythology, contemporary paganism, the American Indian Medicine Wheel, Nordic Runes, various forms of bodywork, deep listening, culture making, and health (from personal to planetary) -- to mention just a few. Also, throughout the years, Patrick Price lead many pipe ceremonies (including gift blankets and pot lucks) on winter and summer solstices, as well as spring and fall equinoxes. As is noticeable, we welcomed diversity -- still do. Though Sing Wolf has been hibernating for the past several years because of our move to SW Oregon, you who are acquainted with it's founder might remember that grass never grows under her feet. So stay tuned to the "What's New" link, as you might once again see a workshop or two or three either resurrected or a brand new one created. . . anyway we welcome new folks, and offer a hearty "welcome back" to those of you who have known or attended Singing Wolf events over past decades!

Mission Statement

Singing Wolf Center is dedicated to providing well-grounded, leading-edge-of-change workshops and classes that encourage self-renewal, sustainability, compassion, cooperation, personal empowerment, creativity, harmony, and especially -- respect, and reverence for all inhabitants of the Earth. This includes:


Singing Wolf Center's vision for the future of this culture is to:

Singing Wolf Center's purpose is to:

The History

Singing Wolf Center, along with Pederson Victorian Bed & Breakfast, was established in 1990 by its founder, Kristi Cowles. Since then, many workshop presenters and erudite teachers have traveled to teach here, and some have websites of their own:

All of the above mentioned are well-known authors and talented presenters.


  Kristi Cowles
3269 Humbug Creek Road
Applegate OR 97530
email: onewolfsings@gmail.com