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Shagbark Hickory Spirit

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Little People Shagbark Hickory Spirit
Like a bowl of hot cereal on a cold winter morning,
or a slice of fresh, warm, whole-grain bread,
these Shagbark Hickory Spirit songs
will stick to your tribal ribs!

"The Shagbark Hickory Spirit CD is simply superb. It is refreshing, flowing, timeless, rich, powerful, fun, lively, and deep. The world-beat rhythms are wonderful; the words are provocative and soothing; the voice is powerful, filled with warmth and humor; and the melodies are complex and interesting, which means that I will not tire of listening to them."
Justine Toms, New Dimensions Radio.

Chunglaing Al Huang, of The Living Tao Foundation wrote, "The songs are original -- the singing, heartfelt, the music, uplifting."

Cat Foy of Zodiac Enterprises Creative Consulting has written this extensive review!


With her first CD of original music, Kristi Cowles sings her philosophy, her values, and her enthusiasm and eagerness for cultural change and spiritual awareness. Throughout this delightful, yet haunting musical journey, she shares gentle and poignant messages about the importance of knowing ourselves, living our dreams, sharing our talents, standing up for what we believe, and having some wild fun along the way.

The July/August New Dimensions Magazine contains this article on Kristi and Shagbark Hicory Spirit.

Orders for this CD can be made via email or telephone:, or Singing Wolf Productions: 541-846-7391 (MC/Visa accepted.)
14.95, plus WI sales tax of 5.5%
Shipping/handling for one CD is $5.00, $6.00 for two.

This CD will also be available very soon in metaphysical retail stores in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago (we will list the specific places on this homepage as soon as we know what they are...)

Featured songs will evoke magical, mythical images and feelings:

Clicking on the song will download a 30-second clip from that song in mp3 format.

If you are interested in sponsoring a concert in your own region, please notify us and we will "get the ball rolling."

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