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Kristi Cowes The Musician

Kristi Cowles was born into a rather zany family of singers and raised in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Her father directed music at the local high school as well as the church. It was no accident that she was blessed with a strong alto voice, as both her parents sang duets throughout their long marriedlife together. Though it took her a while longer than most to manifest her lifelong dream of becoming a professional singer, from 1970 on, she never looked back. Singing five and six nights a week for the next seventeen years provided support for her two daughters and the completion of her undergraduate work at Alverno College. At this juncture, she decided to end her singing career (or so she thought) and move to San Francisco for graduate work. Two years later, with an M.A in East/West Psychology, she returned to her home state and founded Pederson Victorian Bed & Breakfast and Singing Wolf Center. During the early years of this professional shift, Kristi, the musician, hibernated, but was awakened when a good friend and teaching partner, Patrick Price, came to her with an incredible idea.

This idea became a book they wrote together on personal mythology entitled, Icons of the mythic Self: Journey into the Realm of Personal Symbols. Soon after, Kristi began to write music -- something she'd really not done much of during her music career. The songs she wrote became her first CD, simultaneously introducing various sections of their circle art book.

Kristi's second CD is dedicated to her brother, Greg Cowles, who died unexpectedly in 1998. It exists so we will remember those who have gone before us. Being a grandmother, along with her peace making and deep-ecology convictions inspired her third CD. It "talks turkey." What will inspire her fourth? Not a clue.

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Shagbark Hickory CD Cover A Thousand Times CD COver Woman Of North CD COver
Shagbark Hickory Spirit A Thousand Times I've Thought of You
2003 Release
Woman of the North
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Singing Wolf Productions was created in 1998 and is the daughter of Singing Wolf Center. To date, it has produced three CDs and two concerts. Though Kristi Cowles is its principle client, we are open to introducing other talented musicians and sponsoring their work. This small record company may in years to come find itself involved in other musical endeavors, so don't hesitate to send us ideas. We'd love to hear from you.
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3269 Humbug Creek Road • Applegate, OR • United States • p:541-846-7391

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