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Woman Of The North Title
2003 Release
Woman Of The North CD Cover
Kristi's CDs always have a central theme. This, her 3rd CD, explores the sweet magic that naturally occurs between grandparents and grandchildren. She captures the most intimate moments that are so personal and yet also universal. Her playful music tickles the child within us, coupled with feisty Crone wisdom that won't quit. A rare talent, Kristi sings thesongs that awaken our hearts and souls.

Nancy Hill, LCSW
Creator of the popular Dare to Dream seminars
Author of a book about Women Living Their Dreams

When I listen to this marvelous litany of songs, I picture myself at a huge campfire, sitting amongst children of every age, including those of us who are now of the silver-braided clan. I picture an entourage of musicians entering, followed by the singer/composer Kristi Cowles. During her concert of stories, she reveals Mystery through Woman, the endless fountain of patience, courage, newfound insight, wisdom, mischief, and supplication that flows from her very pores, reminding usof the universal feminine strength and compassion so evident in her lyrics, her clarity, even her clarity of confusion, her piercing benevolence, the unwavering eyes that see right through the games of despicable deceit and betrayal swirlingand thrashing around us. And then she continues because that is Woman's nature; that is what she does. She perseveres,singing onto the bones of defeat and desecration a new flesh, pulsing blood, renewed breath/Spirit, resurrection.
She sings until we are able, collectively, to BE the PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.
Kris Knight
WellAware Life Enhancement Center
301 S. Bedford St., Ste. 212, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 1-608-ALL-LIFE • Email:
This letter appears in the "North" CD insert,
providing the listener with further depth
of meaning found in the lyrics of
Kristi's original songs

Dear Great, Great, Great, Great Grandchildren,

This CD embraces the magical relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, or elderhood and childhood on the Medicine Wheel. I am at home there, as I am with my family of origin. My Nordic folks have remembered and honored our own ancestors, keeping excellent records throughout many years. Hence, I trust these songs will find a safe place in our archives so you can still listen to them a hundred years from now.

Here's what I want you to know. There were millions upon millions of courageous Peacemakers and Earth Stewards living on the planet during the twenty-first century. These kindred spirits were brave "old souls," indeed, who could not be fooled by mainstream forces constantly promoting fear and violence.

We knew instinctively that war was not appropriate -- was it ever? -- and that global problems MUST be solved through peaceful measures. We were the keepers of wisdom, the deep-ecologists, the REAL warriors and chiefs, the visionaries. We were long-sighted and knew that what we did today would effect you -- seven generations down the good red road!

You are already in my thoughts. Till the day I die, I promise you I will speak for those who have no voice, sing and dance songs of Spirit, strive for world peace, get into mischief, and above all, never give up!

In the Spirit of the Wolf, the Hawk,
the Trees, the Rivers, the Ancestors,

Your great, great, great, great grandmother, Kristi Cowles
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Song List
1. Good Yule Chant
2. Woman of the North
3. Who Will Braid My Hair
4. What Has Happened to Our Dream
5. Don’t Want to Play in Your Yard
6. Lullaby for My Daughters
7. I Hear My Grandmothers Laughing
8. In the Hall of the Mountain King
9. Spirit of the Moon
10. Frog Went a Courtin’
11. Heart of a Wolf
12. Scarlet Ribbons
13. Mischief and Spice
14. Seven Generations
15. Good Yule Chant
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